Why Almita

Value Proposition

Helical piles deliver benefits over competing foundation systems including reduced environmental footprint, speed of installation and applications within diverse soil and environmental conditions. And because our system does not use concrete, the cost and time for installation is significantly reduced. Our customers can begin construction immediately upon installation of the piles. Our foundation solutions are engineered to exacting specifications, from analysis of a customers needs through custom fabrication and installation. Our engineering teams are experts in the application of our technology to your foundation requirements.

Almita’s Value Proposition

Speed  With a team of installation specialists and a diverse fleet of installation units, we provide rapid turnaround on your foundations projects.

Quality Products  Our CWB-certified manufacturing facility allows us to customize each project as required. We use only the highest quality materials with the most up-to-date technology, machinery and tools.

End-to-end Service  Whatever your foundation problem, we have a custom solution that will meet and exceed your expectations. From initial assessment and design to installation and follow-up, we do it all.


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