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“Almita fabricated 26,000-engineered helical piles, shipped and installed all those piles within a 14-week timeframe. This was an unprecedented task, and considering the geographical disparity of fabricating in Alberta and installing in Ontario, Almita made history with their efficiencies by finishing the project 3-weeks ahead of schedule.”
Robert (Bob) MacLaren
President and CEO, M. Sullivan & Son Limited

“The quality of Almita’s piles is excellent but what it really comes down to is the level of service Almita provides. We’ve used driven piles in the past, but after our first experience using screw piles we have never gone back.

Our company is based on service and I think Almita’s is too. Every Almita employee that has visited our worksites always has the knowledge and experience to get the job done promptly and effectively.

We have a great relationship with Almita and hope to see it continue for many years to come.”
Gord Zimmerman

OwnerHeartland Industries (An Oilfield Surface Equipment Provider)

“I would like to thank Almita for their contribution on the Dover-Whitefish Project. This was the largest transmission project in ATCO Electric history. It entailed construction of 347 kilometers of transmission line in just four months. Challenges such as the tight schedule and adverse working conditions mean the material manufacturing sequencing was a critical element in overall project success. Installation was efficient and, in addition, we were able to minimize ground disturbance by using screw piles.”
C. Albert Lai

Manager, Transmission and Distribution Projects – ATCO Electric Ltd.

“SNC-Lavalin has been working with Almita for a number of years. We have built a longstanding relationship with Almita because of the great products and services they offer. Almita was a major contributor into the success of the MEG Energy Project. Almita was able to work around very tight timelines making it possible to finish the project on schedule. In addition, Almita custom designed screw piles to cater to the adverse weather and Muskeg conditions.

Almita offered a good product, which worked extremely well given the conditions. Almita’s screw piles allow for flexibility because they can be used inside power stations and in spaces where there is very limited head room. Installation of Almita screw piles can also take place without causing outages. Almita was a key factor in the successful completion of this project.”
Terry Gordon

Construction Manager, SNC-Lavalin ATP Transmission

“We are pleased with the innovative large screw piles used for two 240kV transmission line projects and for supporting a 240 kV transformer. We have found that the time per structure is faster than other options. The varying soil conditions (muskeg, tar sands, etc.) required a variety of configurations and challenges, and we are impressed with Almita’s skill with accurately setting adjacent anchors. We have found that Almita responded very well to our fast track projects by increasing their manufacturing and installation capabilities. This ability to adapt will serve Almita well.”
Mark Dyrbye R.E.T.

Contract Administrator Transmission Engineering, ATCO Electric

“We recently completed a project that required approximately 300 piles. From the design stage through to installation, there was an impressive degree of professionalism. This installation was completed on schedule and proved to be cost effective. One of Almita’s key assets is the sheer size of their installation units, which should open up a variety of opportunities. We have benefited by our alliance with Almita and will be using them on future projects. I would recommend that their piles and installation system be given serious consideration as they are a viable alternative.”
Shawn Woon, Project Manager

Casca Electric

“This is a major export line to the U.S.A. and due to supply commitments the work had to be completed while the line was energized. Almita was due on the site Feb. 16th and completed the project in 11 days. They complied with all the safety rules and were very cooperative to work with. The owner Manitoba Hydro complimented our crew and Almita’s for the safe work practices that were carried out during the installations.”
Marvin Dejarlais

Project Coordinator- Interlake Power Line Contractors Ltd.

“Your efforts and day to day communications helped CBS Construction achieve the goal of delivering a safe and quality product to our client. The professionalism and dedication regarding safety greatly enhanced the final product. I would like to thank Almita for the day to day cooperation in maintaining the schedule, and working through problems to achieve the final results.”
Brian Henstridge

Project Manger-CBS Construction Ltd.

“We have been using Almita’s screw anchors for monopole, self-supporting and guyed tower foundation applications. The service we get from Almita is always effective. Their office personnel are helpful and deals with Westower in a professional way. Their field employees are reliable and can work easily with our field foremen. Their final product is of the highest quality and the screw anchor installation process often is completed ahead of schedule. Their extensive experience in the design and installation of screw anchors has been benefiting for us and our clients.”
Simon D’Amours, P. Eng.

Director of Engineering, Mid-West Region-Westower

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