Research & Development

Almita constantly seeks new ways to create helical pile solutions. Research and Development plays an integral role in developing innovative designs and processes. Almita’s ground-breaking innovations have increased the demand for helical pile foundations and will pave the future for helical pile design, fabrication and installation.


Almita Piling continually researches and discovers new applications for our products. We also manufacture tools for the installation of torque driven piles and anchors. Testing and research of information related to piles is an ongoing process. As a result of our research and development, we have patented a cathodic anode installation process and have patents pending for a grouted helical pile as well as a pipeline buoyancy control system.


Almita is proud of the resources it has invested to advance the reliability of helical pile design. Almita Engineers have worked jointly with the University of Alberta to study the performance of helical piles in cohesive and non-cohesive soils. Based on this study and research gained from other studies, Almita has developed a robust and thorough design manual. This design method has been successfully tested in the field with other capacity tests.

Almita has also developed a relationship with the University of Western Ontario (UWO) and a UWO graduate student recently joined us in a dedicated research role.

Load Testing

Verifying scientific theory with field load tests is important to us. Some of Almita's most recent load tests include:

  • Ruth Lake Project - Fort McMurray, AB
  • Dover Substation Project - Fort McMurray, AB
  • Manitoba Hydro Project - Waskwatum, MB
  • ATCO Frontec Project - North of Fort McKay, AB

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