Mechanized River Valley Access – City of Edmonton

To improve public access to the North Saskatchewan River and river valley, the City of Edmonton has approved the mechanized access project. Almita Piling was selected to design and construct helical pile foundations for this project. Constructing a funicular on the side of the hill is no small challenge. The challenges with this project include:
  • Working on the side of the hill at an approximate 45 degree slope;
  • Varying underground soil conditions;
  • Constricted work area.
Almita’s design/build helical pile solution has proved to be an efficient and safe way to construct the foundation for this project. Almita’s helical piling equipment is lighter and more agile compared to other foundation systems, and requires a smaller footprint, which allows us to work on the slope of the river bank. Our machinery produces little to no audible noise, and certainly no vibratory noise which is perfect for a project in an urban setting.

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