Brag Wall


“If we had not worked with Almita on this project our alternate options had the potential of being more labor-intensive and time-consuming. I’ve worked with Almita on a few different projects now and the process is pretty seamless.”Read More

Fox Creek Bridge

“All totaled, the entire project went from initial client contact and needs assessment to design, fabrication and installation in less than 72 hours and without compromising safety or quality. Without its skilled team of in-house engineers and a dedicated fabrication facility, there is no way that Almita could have met this demanding deadline.” Read More

Atco Electric

“Not only was Almita’s installation process faster than other alternatives, it was also environmentally sensitive. The installation process created minimal noise pollution and no vibration. Almita’s rapid installation speed never compromised the accuracy of the installation.” Read More

OJ Industrial Maintenance

“Based on our previous experience with Almita Piling Inc. we knew we could count on them to get this job done right. There were lots of variables and uncertainties involved and Almita was acceptable to the unknown and able to adapt quickly to frequent project modifications.” Read More

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