Our engineering capabilities are what set us apart. Few of our competitors can boast their own in-house engineering department but Almita has both geo-technical and structural engineers on staff. From the initial assessment to custom designs and stamped drawings through to final product testing and installation, Almita’s engineering team is an integral part of every project.

At Almita, we’re proud of the resources we have invested to advance the reliability of helical pile design. Almita engineers continue to work with the University of Alberta and the University of Western Ontario to study and expand the use and understanding of helical piles in the engineering and academic communities.  

The work of our engineers has enabled Almita to lead the advancement and understanding of helical pile design and application. Almita’s engineers have also developed their own analysis software based on the information in the Almita design manual.

More Information: Almita has developed a library of public and private research on the use and history of helical piles. This information is available by contacting our engineering group.

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