Oil & Gas

Helical piles are ideal for many applications within the oil and gas industry. They are rugged and easy to install, which makes them ideal for use in remote or congested locations.

With a strong resistance to vibration or cyclic loading, helical piles can be placed under pump jacks and compressor stations or installed for pipeline buoyancy control. This flexible foundation option is also surprisingly easy to remove. This makes helical piles a particularly attractive option for projects that face strict reclamation requirements.

Common energy sector applications include:

  • Pump jacks and compressor stations
  • Pipe-racking and pipe supports
  • Pipeline buoyancy control
  • Flare stacks and guy anchors
  • Tanks
  • Dehydrators
  • Separators
  • Well pads
  • Facility utility requirements such as lighting, cable trays and skid buildings

Energy Sector Challenge

Almita’s Solution

Time Sensitivity
Fast, Accurate Analysis
Almita’s engineers typically turn a project from concept to fabricated product in mere days.
High Speed Production
Advanced semi-automated manufacturing equipment enables rapid production of high volumes. Almita also maintains a stock of pre-fabricated piles that are common to these types of applications.
Rapid Installation
Almita’s specialized field equipment enables safe and efficient installation of helical piles where and when you want it done.

Diverse Design Needs
Providing Customized Solutions
Almita’s in-house engineers and technicians use geotechnical data and load requirements to custom design each pile to meet the unique needs of the energy sector.

Strict Reclamation Requirements
Completely Removable
Although they are typically used as permanent foundations, helical piles are easily screwed back out of the ground at the end of a project, leaving little environmental impact.

Remote or Restricted Locations
Advanced Equipment
Almita’s diverse fleet of installation equipment allows for efficient, precise installation over the demanding range of temperatures and terrains found in North America.

Co-Existing with Landowners
Minimal Disturbance
Installing Almita helical piles requires very little equipment thereby reducing the environmental footprint. Almita’s installation process produces next to no noise or vibrations, minimizing the disruption of sensitive environments.

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