Almita provides fast and efficient installation under any conditions. Our installation teams always make safety their top priority. Each helical pile installed by Almita is carefully monitored for quality, not only in our manufacturing process, but also during installation.

Our documentation is exhaustive. The pile description, depth location and finish torque of each pile is documented and at the completion of each project our clients are provided with a summary pile record of all helical piles installed. These records will confirm that the design and load requirements were met for each pile.

Almita’s diverse fleet of installation equipment allows for access to many limited access areas, including those with soft soils and steep grades where conventional driving equipment or concrete pile rigs cannot be used. Our field crew is properly trained to perform in-situ modifications with the assistance of Almita’s Design Engineer.

Installation Equipment

With a diverse fleet of installation units Almita is equipped to install helical piles in a diverse range of conditions. We can provide small equipment for tight spaces and multiple large units for lengthy geographically challenging locations. We specialize in ensuring our equipment and crews can deliver in any location or circumstance.

While we are best known for its expertise with helical piles, Almita is equipped to assist clients with virtually any foundation need. Almita’s fleet also includes a specialized air drill/hammer for work in rocky terrain and a cast-in-place unit for concrete pilings.

Almita continually monitors, upgrades and adds to its equipment base in order to deliver the most efficient and technologically advanced means of installing helical pile foundations.

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