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The ease and speed of helical pile installation helps minimize disturbance to traffic flow and the lack of vibrations minimizes the disruption to nearby foundations. These attributes make helical piles an ideal option for residential or municipal projects.

Almita provides turnkey helical pile products including highway sign bases, street light bases and manufactured home foundations for retail distribution. These solutions have been time tested and are quickly and easily installed by Almita, or any one of our approved Distributors.

Common residential and municipal applications include:

  • Highway sign bases
  • Street light bases
  • Manufactured homes
  • Fence posts and flag posts
  • School portables
  • Underpinning failed foundations
  • Foundational support
  • Decks, verandahs, patios and sunrooms
  • Attached garages
  • Light load grade beams and slab foundations
Almita’s solutions to common urban foundation problems include:

Residential/Municipal Challenges

Almita’s Solution

Short Deadlines
Fast, Accurate Analysis
Almita’s engineers typically turn a project from needs assessment to stamped design in mere days.
High Speed Production
Advanced semi-automated manufacturing equipment enables rapid production of high volumes of piles.
Rapid Installation
Unlike traditional methods, helical piles do not require pre-excavation or curing time. This dramatically reduces overall installation time.

Budgetary Constraints
Cost-effective Product
Along with Almita’s LEAN manufacturing process, Almita’s distributed products have been subject to rigorous testing to ensure product usability and satisfaction across all applications. This ensures minimal material waste and fast, cost-effective fabrication of this turnkey product.

Weather Constraints
All-season Installation
Almita’s piles can be installed in any season, regardless of temperature.

Minimizing Disruption
Low noise/Vibration Installation
The lack of noise pollution and reduced risk of disrupting sensitive equipment makes helical piles ideal for urban installations.
Fast Installation
Fast, efficient, installations minimize traffic delays and other annoyances to the public.

Tight or Restricted Access
Advanced Equipment
Almita’s diverse fleet of installation equipment includes small and light installation units capable of maneuvering in close quarters.
More Information For more information about how helical piles can assist with your next foundation installation, please email or contact us.  

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